A long time ago, a cruel, oppressive king named Ezhdehak ruled Iran.

One day, the devil cursed Ezhdehak by kissing his shoulders. From those kisses grew two hideous serpents that had an appetite for human brains.

However, there arise hope in the form of a baby named Fereydoun, born to a young couple on the other side of the land. Fereydoun grew up strong and taught the art of the warrior in the forest.

He met good compatriots, Kaveh and Ezad Mehr, who joined him in finally waging a successful war against the cruel Ezhdehak. With a war cry from Ezad Mehr, the trio captured Ezhdehak and imprisoned him in a cave under the legendary Mount Damavand.

From thence, they embodied the message of love and friendship for all the people throughout the land.