Goo Zhuan Xuan
A native of Penang with a minor in performing arts from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Goo’s passion for theatre began in his early teens with his first lead role in public theatre at the tender age of 16. The production – Brothers – won various accolades in the ADA Chinese Theatre Award where Goo was nominated for Best New Actor of the Year. In 2011, he was invited to perform in Macau and also directed and performed a short performance, Kia! Tuin Tshuh! (Let’s Go Home) in the Georgetown Festival that same year. Goo has been with Hong Jie Jie Workstation, a renowned educational children theatre troupe, since year 2012. His most recent performances are: Huo Huo is Missing, The Mystery of Phoenix Tree, My Dragon Papa, and Wizards of the Blackground.



As the first Malaysian male graduate of Kalakshetra, India’s premier performing arts institution, Guna is one of Malaysia’s most evocative performers in contemporary and Indian classical dance including Bharatanatyam and Odissi. He spent his creative formative years at Sutra Dance Theatre (1987 – 1996) before founding Khazana Dance Creations, where he is artistic director. Guna has been featured in Sutra’s international productions such as Spellbound, Vision of Forever and Odissi Stirred in Asia and Europe. His solo Odissi work Stri for Sutra’s Under the Stars series earned him the title of Best Dancer in the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2005. Presently, Guna works with disabled and orang asli children
                                                                       in Malaysia and also brings his creativity in costume
                                                                       design to Sutra’s and Masakini’s theatre productions.


Jinnie Lim Ching Wen
A young and rising performer, Jinnie Lim is the co-founder of ACX Productions and hails from Penang with a degree in performing arts from University Malaya. Having found her passion in acting in secondary school, Lim found her first spotlight role as Potato Head in KLPAC’s Big Head & Potato Head which gave her the Best Actress accolade in the 9th ADA Drama Awards. Since then, she has participated  in a number of performances including Mystery of The Phoenix Tree, Dear Elena Sergeevna, and both instalments of Aku Cinta XXX.




Jodi Thiele
Australian-born Jodi Thiele comes from a background in theatre and has spent the last four years in Melbourne studying and working in the field. One of her major achievements include the co-founding of Studio Eleven Theater Company, a large ensemble theater company producing local and international work. With a strong foundation in physical theatre and dance, Thiele’s love for puppetry came while working on Revolt Productions’ The Omega Quest, a contemporary bunraku space opera. She is currently traveling Asia studying puppetry in its many forms.




Paz Lim Mei Yean
While Paz Lim holds a degree in public relations, her passion for the performing arts has led her to her strengths in producing and stage management apart from her own forays into acting. She is a member of the Eutopia Theatre group and teaches under TEAM Theatre, an educational theatre company. Lim has performed in a number of productions including Aunty Bravo, Cheras Cheras, Moon Roof, Behind the Scene, I’m No. 1, and Heard of Nomad’s Folk Song in the Lost City. Currently, her diverse talents are also lent to event and camp planning for the Malaysian theatre scene.




Rithaudin bin Abd. Kadir
Rithaudin bin Abd. Kadir has had 16 years of experience as a choreographer and dancer, having studied and performed disciplines as varied as Malay and Nusantara folk styles to Southeast Asian and World genres. He has performed in Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and the Philippines apart from his native country of Malaysia. Recently, Rithaudin has performed in Reminiscence: The World of the Strange Tales (a dance collaboration between Malaysia and Japan) as well as the BOW 2013 Project (a collaboration between Malaysia, USA, and UK). He is currently working towards a master’s degree in performing arts from University of Malaya.