Carlos García Estéves is an international artiste renowned for his work as an actor, stage director, theatre researcher, and pedagogue.

García is best known for bringing the subtlety and rich heritage of theatre to a modern audience. He has trained with Jacques Lecoq, celebrated actor and founder of L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. His years of intense study were the foundation of his life-long investigation of the tragic depth that resides in the Commedia dell’Arte. In 1999 he studied with Donato Sartori, a pioneer in the art of the mask, at Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali in Padova. There he began his exploration of the architecture of gestures and the anthropology of the mask.

For several years, García has been a collaborator of Donato Sartori as a movement teacher and an actor. He has worked with a number of significant artists, such as Mario Gonzáles (Conservatoire Nationale de Art Dramatique, Paris; Théâtre du Soleil, Vincennes), José Luís Gómez (Teatro de La Abadía, Madrid) and Tapa Sudana (Tribuana master and a former member of Peter Brook’s company). Other artists with whom he trained include luminaries such as Gennadi Bogdanov, Pierre Byland, Eric de Bont, Antonio Fava, Kevin Crawford and Kaya Anderson.

García performed in A Dog’s Heart and The Magic Flute with Simon McBurne, founder and artistic director of Théâtre de Complicité. He is currently touring his one-person performance piece “Solo dell’Arte” which has been in Spain, France, Holland, Argentina, Romania, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

García founded and created the international theatre company Teatro Punto in 1998. He is currently the Spanish Artistic Director of Manifesto Poetico (International Laboratory of Theatre Research). Since 2012, he is a guest teacher at LEM (Laboratoire d’Etude de Mouvement) in Paris, and participates as a movement director at DNO (Dutch National Opera Academy) and Hollands Diep Muziektheater.

García teaches and performs in English, French, Italian and Spanish.