AEXKL 2013 will also be continuing last year’s collaborative process by bringing together 20 local and international artists for an intensive, two-week skills exchange and workshop at Damansara Performing Arts Centre and The Actor Studio @ KuAsh, TTDI.

Themed Nama Kamu Atas Perahu (Your Name on a Boat), the collaboration will combine some of the best local talent with expertise in art forms from diverse and traditional Malaysian cultures including dance, opera, makyong, gamelan, and puppetry. The ensemble will be handpicked and mentored by international director and pedagogue Carlos García Estéves, who will make his directorial debut in Malaysia.

Through an organic, collaborative approach, García and an assistant director will facilitate the artistes in blending space, movement and poetry throughout the 10-hour-day, two-week sessions. The workshops that will culminate in a showcase that will be as eclectic and highly dynamic as the disciplines it draws inspiration from – what and how it will finally be promises to be a pleasant surprise for the directors, artistes, and audiences alike!