Kakiseni Arts Exchange KL (AEXKL) is Malaysia’s premier arts exchange programme that unites and bridges the local and international performing art communities through a transfer and exchange of knowledge. AEXKL is a platform that challenges participants’ perspective and skills by exposing them to other cultures and art forms while simultaneously stimulating public awareness and interest in the performing arts industry through community outreach activities.

Already in its second year, the programme brings together a diverse group of artists across various artistic disciplines in a focused, collaborative effort spanning two distinct tracks: an overseas collaboration/local community outreach and a collaborative workshop between local and international performing artists resulting in a final staged production.

As the host of AEXKL, Malaysia is well-placed as the home to a unique and diverse performing arts scene due to its multicultural makeup and wide-ranging cultural heritage. With roots in Malaysian culture but complemented with a global exchange of ideas and inspiration, AEXKL draws a thread through Malaysian performing artists, their foreign counterparts and the public through the common language of art as a powerful tool of personal expression.

Working alongside the National Department for Culture and Arts (Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara – JKNN), Kakiseni spearheads AEXKL by bringing together government, private and public support as a firm foundation for this initiative and the local performing arts industry.